The Crap Show #20 LAAX

The Crap Show #20 LAAX

Weither the season is over or not in LaaxBlume doesn’t give a fuck and dropped another Crap Show edit and sends it at the Crap Sogn Gion with the dudes. The Pleasure Spring Session got a bit cursed this year, as they only had one sunny day, which doesn’t mean that the park didn’t get killed. Enjoy riding by Joos Caviezel, Mäci Aellig, Domi Börlin, Florian Arnold, James Niederberger, Toni Kerkelä, Sindre Hoff, Julien Emch, Gabriele Torriani, Men Schmidt, Alex Tank, Benny Urban, Tobias Supertramp, Arda Serce, Andreas Arn, Adrian Oesch, Sina Candrian, Elmar Bossard, Maurin Bisig, Boris Bühler and Oran Pearce on this extra long Crap Show edit.

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