// DISTRICT’s – Trash Target FULL MOVIE

// DISTRICT's - Trash Traget FULL MOVIE

So here it is. The first ever produced flick by the unofficial shred posse called District from Augsburg, Germany. When having watched the first teaser, you knew that you won’t get any wild-ass 450s off rails or something, but you know what? We’re stoked on that. There’s definitely too many crews out there that try to push it too hard and might throw down some hard tricks, but on a shitty way, instead of trying to get certain tricks clean and go further from that point on. These dudes here work their asses off for something they all love and share together, including the editing process of this short film, or the tricks these guys trow out. No one of these headz has any reason to hide out there and got some serious shit to show and same goes for the whole Trash Target project. These dudes ride for the fun of it like we once already mentioned and keep it real. Enjoy almost 14 min. of cool snowboarding from southern Germany by Julian Kossmann, Raffael Kossmann, Philipp Romppel, Lukas Perro, Taddäus van Treeck, Klaus Schwarzer, David Kossmann, Fabian Paul and Fabian Engels and spread the word!

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