DorfkindVideos – WEAST FULL FILM

DorfkindVideos - WEAST FULL FILM

The Dorfkind fellas released their 3rd full length snowboard film called WEAST, that includes snowboarding by Peter Kräupziger, Tim Schneider, Tobias Schwegler, Chistian Freyer, Oka Schreiber and Landers Marc. The shred is quite ooo-kay, well’s basic. Means here: The guys throw down some tricks and everything, but what we were just missing is a bit of style ..longer held grabs or tweaks for example. The editing part here at Dorfkind’s got better, so you definitely can’t say the guys wouldn’t progress or anything. The point here is: Tripods are missing on some shots.

Bottom line: The WEAST film is another small step forward for these guys and if you’re looking for snowboarding comparable to yours personal one (assuming you still don’t Triple and all..) to get motivated and push yourself maybe, it’ll do. If you’re looking for more than this, you’ll find it on Yo‘s „Rejects“ soon somewhen and you might want to skip it.

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