Electric presents „Session at the Museum“

Electric presents “Session at the Museum”

We’re super stoked to be able to give you again something more artsy to feed our urban section with, which has been a little bit of a time now. We’re wondering why such projects as this one here, ain’t apparently only taking place in France somehow. We’ve never seen a project similar to that elsewhere in Europe or in general talking about anywhere in the world really. Art and action sports have proofed many times now to have more things in common, than most people would think of. It still is probably the old fashioned way of thinking and narrow minded attitude there still is out there, that lays behind the responsibles at such insitutions as an art museum. We’re stoked to show you this edit here, as in Bordeaux, France on this past Monday, June 4th, the Contemporary Art Museum of Bordeaux aka CAPC, opened its doors for a private session to a part of the Electric skate team of France, documented by photographer David Manaud.

Marseille skater Vincent Matheron, Julien Béchet and Bordeaux local Benjamin Chadourne joined this session on that 43m (appr. 141 feet) long masterpiece made by Michel Majerus from Luxembourg. As being a great skateboarding fan, the artist decided to made one of its piece alive allowing skaters to ride it, for which the CAPC is a rather uncommon place, due to its hight, but giving to this super long miniramp and piece of art an other dimension than being used to. ENJOY ART.

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