Expect Films – Horgasm – A Love Story Trailer

Expect Films – Horgasm – A Love Story Trailer

After a quick teaser that was released by the end of April this year, everybody knew that Torstein Horgmo was working on a two-years project, that would focus more on the personal career and life of the Norwegian DC pro. Together with his man Tobias Frøystad of course, they threw out this official trailer here now, unveiling speculation and secrets about a title, release date ..etc. of this docu-flick. Horgasm – A Love Story, will give us a damn nice insight on Torstein’s life of snowboarding, going from the contest side, to filming, injuries, parties and random bullshit. We definitely hope that things turn out for the better of him and Nicole of course and hope for that happy ending. How things really look like, you need to check out on October 29th when that thing comes out on DVD and iTunes for you. HELL YEAH!

..for the foregone 1st teaser of Torstein’s docu-flick, click here and check out the rest of this season’s movie teasers, in our official teaser section ..we got’em all and they’re just too many!

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