First ever FS Triple Rodeo 1440° by Jørn Simen Aabøe

First ever FS Triple Rodeo 1440° by Jørn Simen Aabøe

The „first ever“ trick series goes on and on and brings that same question up again, which will accompany this subject alway we guess. Style versus progression. Norwegian ripper and Billabong rider Jørn Simen Aabøe sent it a few days back now at the Vierli park and stomped the first ever FS Triple Rodeo 1440° and enters the circle of only a few riders who broke that third flip barrier.

Tastes are different, but we seriously send some angry looks at this type of progression, since style is really getting lost nowadays and as Torstein (rider to first ever triple cork anything before anybody else) said once on an interview with RCC (r.i.p.) last year ago.

„As now on all the 12s, all the Double Corks and Triple Corks, people are still just doing saftey grabs ..and you can really, I mean, it might look good and perfectly performed or whatever, but still there’s a lot more room for style in there […].“ why go further when we don’t really got these really on lock yet?


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