Garbage Gang | Believers Teaser #2

The Garbage Gang is a group of Italian dudes, which is travelling a lot, riding quite some time and not only on snowboards. These guys do pretty much everything and try to come around a lot and do as much as possible. The crew itself, describes them more as a tight-up family, which shares a common lifestyle, based on „adrenaline, nature, freedom and friendship“. Sounds pretty rad if you ask us and their riding definitely convinces the audience. Their film is totally non-sponsored, what makes them even more cool. Their 2011 film „Believers“, will drop in Novemeber this year and we do believe in these guys. The Garbage Gang includes Marco Morandi, Devid De Palma, Riccardo Paleari, Alessandro Redaelli, Medda Man, Rino Ralis, Matteo Ferraris, Mattia Bonaguro, Matteo Tuberosa, Cees Wille, Isidor Diaz Coma, Jacopo Lazzari, Critan Filippone, Luca Chiaudano and Gianluca Pellizzola and also do celebrate this years their 5th anniversary, gnarly!

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