Garbage Gang „Who Cares?“ Teaser

Garbage Gang ‘Who Cares?” Teaser

The Garbage Gang was super busy during this season, touring around Europe in order to get as much shots as possible with their posse for the 2012 movie and also teamed up on some seshs with the Postland dudes, of which we expect to have at least a guest part probably. As you see in the teaser, the guys stepped their game up on the jibs and we’re definitely looking forward to see the whole flick when dropping. The 2012 movie will be called „Who Cares?“ and will be released in November this year, including riding by the usual suspects like Marco Morandi, Devid De Palma, Matteo Ferraris, Matteo Tuberosa, Jacopo Lazzari, Achille Mauri, Mich Dalle, Michele Lobrano, Gianmarco Maiocco, Isidor Diaz Coma, Thibaut Pomarat and more. YEAH!

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