GoPro 3 Black Edition got out

GoPro 3 Black Edition got out

After it’s last release of the GoPro HD Hero 2,  GoPro throws out the next big hit and brings you another new product that will make some noise in the action cam segment and that is the GoPro 3 (Black Edition). If it’s smart or not to release that quick afterwards a new product again, only time will tell but we figure that it’ll have to do with the fact that also other action cams got released in these last few months, that really seem to bring it on and some of them even come with a built-in Wi-Fi device that the foregone GoPro HD 2 didn’t have and required from the users to by an extra Wi-Fi device by GoPro of course. 

GoPro 3 Black Edition got out - front/back+remote

The new GoPro player is smaller, lighter and -of course- obviously better and powerful. When looking at the images you can tell that it definitely looks better, when just talking about its visual presentation. It’s also got a more informative display, an extra light on the front (we’ll figure out for what soon..) plus some extra different buttons that let us assume that also some parts of the handling might have changed. The original Black Edition comes with an extra Wi-Fi remote, from which you can control and adjust settings of your GoPro (or up to 50 at the same time..) from a distance of approx. 180 meters / 590 ft. and also from your iPhone of course (since a short time yet, with which you can control your cam as well, read on here..). Even though the Black Edition is the original and most expensive one, including as the only one the Wi-Fi remote, there still though is a Silver and White edition available, which you should check out before buying, to see if that Black Edition is really worth the prize difference to rather buy these ones or not. We’re anyways looking forward to test the shit out of that thing soon hopefully and will keep you on track, so check back soon!

Gopro 3 got out - GoPro3 overview

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