Grindhouse – Scare Money FULL MOVIE

Grindhouse – Scare Money FULL MOVIE

The UK rippers of the Grindhouse crew threw out their second full length feature that is known under the name of Scare Money. The guys among Will Smith, Jon Addison, Matt Macwhirter, Tom Guilmard, Andy Nudds, Ben Wall, Tom Honey, Billy Neilson, John Weatherley, Ollie Dutton, Chris Chatt and Andy Laird really are pulling something off over there and again it looks like they’ve worked their asses off for this flick as they shot it between December an April only and stomped their tricks in France, Austria, Finland, Canada, USA and Scotland with minimal budget and one camera missing for two weeks. THUMBS UP guys! Enjoy over half an hour of UK’s best underground shred headz with the help of 9 Milli Media and Monster Energy. Fuck yeah.

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