Introducing the 2013 Celsius Québec Team

Introducing the 2013 Celsius Québec Team

The guys over at Celsius present to you their new 2013 snowboard team ..the Québec party of it at least and that is one killer squad consisting of Phil Tardif, Thomas Gagné, Steph Fortier, Gab Bélanger, Rick Thériault, Russell Beardsley, Jo Truchon, Alex Gogo, Alex Moite, Max Verville, Bobby Cloutier, Marc-André Seguin, Fred Roberge, Will Tremblay, Hugo Morasse, Jé Pagé, Éric Ramirez and Claudia Biron. If you want to see more of these headz, watch out for their parts in Nowamean’s Pigeye or TimeBomb’s Hivernation film!

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