introducing Grimjob with Antongun

introducing Grimjob with Antongun

Nowadays it is barely impossible to get an overview of all brands right now, which are involved in snowboarding. No matter if we’re talking headwear brands, apparel, boards ..what you want! There is still popping more and more out and it just won’t stop. What we really like to see then, when some urban art, art work generally speaking or just abstract graphics are involved. So it is with Grimjob. A few months back we’ve seen the Swedish metal head and Nitro rider Anton Gunnarson, calling everyone out there on the social media to like that fanpage of Grimjob. We were curious and hit the Antongun up to find out more about it.

ShredOn Mag: Hey Anton, how are you ..what’s up with the Grimjob thing. Is that your own clothing label now, or what’s the deal here?

Antongun: Thanks, I’m fine. Grimjob is a brand owned by illustrator/artist Michael Shantz and I’m highly involved in it …I’m in the family so to say.

ShredOn Mag: So what’s your role in this?

Antongun: Grimjob is the official brand of Michael Shantz, but I’m in the Grimjob family to help the hype and as a creative director doing videos, photos and PR. The designs, art and direction are all coming from Shantz‘ very weird disturbed brain haha.

ShredOn Mag: So in first place streetwear and urban/creative stuff ..but not having anything to do with snowboarding, right?

Antongun: We brainstorm ideas and designs and Michael makes them real… It got anything to do with everything man!

ShredOn Mag: Yeah, ‚brainstorm‘ is the right term probably ..the graphics and everything look dope. Weird, but dope. Is there a story behind or something?

Antongun: It’s our steeze man! Represent the gnarly and weird! It started as a sort of collaberative brand, working with other brands and bands as a type of cross promotion, but as the years went by Shantz really saw the potential as a brand that fully represents all the sides of his own art, and influences. So expect a clothing brand for sure, but also keep a lookout for just about anything else you can imagine!

ShredOn Mag: Alright, we’re excited to see more of that in near future man. Thanks for your time Anton!

Antongun: You’re welcome man! see more of Grimjob and Michael Shantz work, check out the links below and get a nice insight of this creative brain and please support that brand on Facebook and become a fan!

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