Isenseven | „Kaleidoscope“  official teaser

We got already lynched and the boss ShredOn-branded us already, making us official property of the mag, for any kinds of physical abuse, due to our incapability to put the most awaited teaser of this season online, when it got dropped. Check out the oficial Isenseven teaser of their 2011 film „Kaleidoscope“, which will be released in this year’s fall. Kaleidoscope features riding by Alex Tank, Benny Wetscher, Christian Haller, Christophe Schmidt, Colin Frei, Dani Rajcsanyi, David Bertschinger Karg, Ethan Morgan, Fips Strauss, Fredrik Evensen, Kevin Bäckström, Ludwig Lejkner, Peter König, Simon Gruber, Tobi Strauss, Tom Klocker and Wojtek Pawlusiak.

To watch their Welcome teaser go here.

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