Isenseven MADventures | DBK

Isenseven MADventures | DBK

In times like these, when the season ends and the resorts go into their last slush events before the summer camps start, we are happy to have this mass of webisodes and people like the dudes from Isenseven, feeding the web frequently with new footage. In this season we enjoy their „profile vids“, rather known as the MADventure clips, which are kind of a substitute for the famous monthly clips, we used to have. After having seen already the MADventures from Tobi Strauss, Ethan Morgan and Ludde Lejkner, we’re happy to show you now DBK’s clip! See David Bertschinger Karg in Cooke City, going on a sled trip near the Yellowstone National park. Check also the new -yet untitled- 2011 film trailer of Isenseven, which will drop in this year’s fall.

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