Learning Nothing with Ben Rice – episode 5

Learn Nothing with Ben Rice – episode 5

Check in with Ben Rice as he embarks on a road trip of a lifetime with the Bataleon Team. 
Hang with him as he meets up with the rest of the crew in Los Angeles, and then heads up to Mammoth to get after what little snow’s left. Then he’s off to Tahoe for some good times and a Cinco de Mayo hip session above Donner Lake.

Riders featured: Julien Haricot, DBK, Eric Messier, Jonas Steen, Ethan Morgan, Gulli Gudmundsson, Kyle Lopoccolo, Mitch Richmond, Brendan Keenan, Jaeger Bailey, Rob Ballhary, Travis Williams, Alex Scott, Wiley Tesseo, Ted Lavoie, Josh Feliciano, Alex Hereford and many more.

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