Lip Production – Snowporning Trailer

Lip Production – Snowporning Trailer

We haven’t heard of Lip Production before to be honest, but after having seen this trailer of their 2012 project Snowporning, we’re quite curious. The trailer is well edited and even though it might not show as much action as others, the trick level f this bunch doesn’t seem to be low at all. Czech snowboarding crews and others from East Eurolands keep popping out as you can see and there is still more surprises to come out from these areas in future, ..we’re pretty confident on that. Snowporning will celebrate its world premiere in Prague on October 26th next month, so stop-by and party hard with these guys, we’re pretty sure they know how to do so.

Awesome Czech shredding by: Honza Nečas, Roman Dlauchý, Darek Bergmann, Štêpán Rokos, Pepé Samek, Jakub Šimůnek, Honza Zajíc, Ondra Bauer, Petr Horák, Martin Matoušek, Dušan Kříž, Honza Havlíček, David Čonka, Martin Kolařík.

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