Lukas Lerperger – ‚The Lost Tapes‘ from Dachstein

Lukas Lerperger – ‘The Lost Tapes’ from Dachstein

One of that same sort of edit, that were pretty discussed and dissed lately. Not this one in particular, but since our Yu-Go friend Matic felt totally underrated as an Euro repper by other online mags from over the pond, a comment battle started off creating sort of an Eastcoast/Westcoast thing between Euro and US online readers. We won’t get much into this here, but check out the comments under the Dachstein Madness edit we posted you lately, here on Yobeat and get a laugh or either totally sad. Coming back to the actual topic here: Lukas Lerperger filmed some nice laps on the Dachstein glacier in Austria with David Struber, Georg Ischepp and Georg Obermeissner, throwing down some solid steezy tricks. Not the illest, not the craziest tricks, but we still love it and you know why? Because they can actually really snowboard, no matter where they’re from and what bindings they ride and simply enjoy some good jibbing in summer.


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