The Mad Ones: Teaser

The Mad Ones: Teaser

Liam Gallagher and his Mad Ones are sweetening things up among these masses of endless snow edits we got on the web these days. A bit more artsy, a bit more creative, some more ‚different‘ we’d say? YEAH, definitely. Even though the series is almost over, we got the perfect excuse to post this one here right now, as it also works as a normal movie teaser. Why’s that? Because by the end of the series in May now when the last edit drops, the man behind aka Liam Gallagher, will mash up all the footage to one bad ass free-to-download-movie, which you’re able to put on your personal hard disc in September this year and which features riding by  Forest Bailey, Forrest Burki, Patrick McCarthy, Shaun McKay, Wyatt Stasinos, Nick Russell, Scotty Wittlake, Bryan Fox, Austin Smith, Keegan Valaika, Mark Landvik, Blair Habenicht, Lucas Debari, Nick Ennen Matt Edgers, Kael Martin and many more.

The Mad Ones is a a web-based video project by Liam, inspired by the Beat Generation and specifically the writings of Jack Kerouac, The Mad Ones will follow the freaks, all winter long. Web flicks will be released every Monday through May. Some will be action edits, others about odd balls or oddities seen, weird experiences or whatever else happens to happen.


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