Mica Minute #23 – The Bone Zone

The Bone Zone got featured in this twenty third Mica Minute and as they say: November is the Bone Zone month. Besides their movIIIe teasers, the dudes keep us fed with new jib edits of their private backyard park all week long. As you can see, the new kink rail the guys upgraded their park with recently, payed off and gets ripped like crazy.

„To see this place is real life is pretty insane actually, i would compare it to a Neverland for snowboarders. Alex, Brandon, Ted and all the homies put in some serious build time up there to make it quite possibly one of the most insane pre season shred zones ever.“

Featuring Alex Andrews, Brandon Hammid, Cale Zima, Chris Grenier, Sean Lucey, Alex Coy, Sam Hulbert and Pat Fenelon.

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