Nick Visconti’s “ReCreation” – behind the scenes part II

Nick Visconti's "ReCreation" - behind the scenes part I

We’re a bit confused right now. This is the second part of Nick Visconti’s and Transworld’s ReCreation behind the scenes edit and actually the statement has been so far, that the full project -a Nick Visconti web series in collabo with Transworld– couldn’t be finished, due to „unexpected events“ and that shitty winter there has been on the West Coast this season. Now Nick mentions indeed having really done the project despite all. Weither it is just older footage, on which’s point of shoot it hasn’t been clear already that they would cancel the project, or Transworld tricks us all and in the end they will release that project and just wanted to tease us with these few edits so far. We’re keep up to that and you stay tuned for more info to drop here soon on that. Until that check out Nick’s full ReCreation part which is pretty serious banger stuff he’s got there and enjoy your Easter holy days.

To watch part I of ReCreation’s behind the scenes, go here.


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