Nike Snowboarding Project – Chapter 3 ‚The Backcountry‘ by Justin Hostynek

Nike Snowboarding Project - Chapter 3 'The Backcountry' by Justin Hostynek

No tweets, no shit, fully embed and in color. The Swoosh has dropped it’s final chapter of The Snowboarding Project, for which no one else than Absinthe Films Filmer (shitty line that is..) Justin Hostynek is responsible. Coming from Absinthe as mentioned, Justin is pretty used to shoot backcountry stuff and in particular with heads like Gigi, or Nico Müller. Only left to be joined by Danny Kass and E-Jack, to get things rolling and damn, this is one cool backcountry short flick to watch as expected. Big thumbs up Señor Hostynek. Enjoy watching..

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