Nike’s Chosen SNOW is on!

So here it finally is …the long awaited snow edition of Nike 6.0’s ‚Chosen‘ contest. You could follow so far already the surf and skate contest editions, which definitely proofed the huge potential among all the urban local crews out there, spread all over the globe.

The Chosen contest is all about you and your crew. Send in a 5min. edit of you and your crew shredding and showing your skills. It would be quite lame, if this would be just about showing pure skills and so thought the marketing people behind the Swoosh too. No, it’s much more. Your vids got to be fun and entertaining. It should feature your riding skills and make understand that you’re a cool bunch of dudes to hang out with, maybe party and of course to shred. From riders to filmers, this thing must be round and once you sent your edit in it is all up to the rest of you to vote for the best crew, to make them win some badass Nike gear and get the chance of a Nike pro experience. Scotty Lago and Danny Kass explain you the details below, so listen up, check how this works and start getting your winches out and everything. The battle is on!

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