Ninja Squad – For No Reason Teaser

Ninja Squad – For No Reason Teaser

The Ninja Squad is one of these crews, who embody the change for Euro snowboarding in these last few years. Thanks to this overwhelming hype we have on urban shredding, snowboarding became way more accesible to many people, who couldn’t have think of going out to shred really some time ago. Our Ninja rippers are basically just a good bunch of friends, who want to enjoy some good times together, which is also the reason why their Ninja Weekends, never really have a constant level. Not that they could not ride or anything. It’s just that they don’t give a fuck and provide the riding they feel like on that day and don’t have the need to get props from all over the world. Simply a good Bulgarian crew, who wants to share their love for snowboarding among their owns. For no Reason, might be then also probably the best title these dudes could have thought of. They don’t need a reason to shred and neither do they need to proof anything to anyone. This one here just looks real, so enjoy it and watch out for that thing to drop in fall!

Riders featured: Nikolay Dimitrov, Hristo Petkov, Ivo Kostov, Stanimir Semov, Nikolay Naydenov, Martin Izdimirski, Dimo Petkov, Miroslav Penchev, Dimitar Dimov, Akek Aleksandrov, Angel Kocev, PlamenIliev and Hristo Chilov.

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