Picture Control | So Last Season Teaser

Skandi riders are well known for their hard skills on icy slopes, due to the fact that all or most of the parks, are mad hard over there. The dudes from Picture Control are locals from Talma, probably the internationally most famous park in Finnland. The very same Talma park/resort, where big names like Eero Ettala or Heiki Sorsa learned to ride their first jumps ’n stuff and where still today, the biggest potential of riders are in Finnland. The special thing is, that in Talma pros ride and hang around with the AMs and so a super cheesy atmosphere is given. Picture Control, drops their 2011 film teaser, called „So Last Season“, which includes riding from Tatu Miettinen, Marko Sinkkonen, Joel Pircklen, Damon Beckford, Juho Varjokallio, Lauri Heikkilä and Joni Suomalainen.

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