Random Bastards – Daggers TEASER

Random Bastards - Daggers TEASER

The Random Bastards just dropped the teaser of their latest film project called Daggers and hell, it’s a wrap with a bunch of new faces that get a full part in it plus the usual heads and all in all one hell of a trick bomb. Watch out for the full length version dropping in this year’s fall including riding by Jocke Rasmussen, Jonathan Lindhe, Dylan Gamache, Hans Åhlund, Kas Lemmens, Felix Engström, Anton Gun, Cees Wille, Nejc Ferjan, Zach Rawles, Clemens Schattschnieder, Peter Ström, Klas Beyer, Marc Swoboda, Dominik Wagner, Benni Urban, Viktor Wiberg, Erik Karlsson, Philip Grund, Marcus Rand, Cam Pierce, Jani Sorasalmi, Dylan Alito and friends.

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