Random Bastards „Tentacle“ – FULL MOVIE

It got out! The Bastards cam along this season with even two movie projects, of which officially just knew about this one here. While they threw out two more video updates on their snow movie project Tentacle, they gathered quickly some footy together with their Swedish skate homies of SexKommaNoll and threw out a rad skate vid together, called „8TTA„. What we were all waiting for, comes out now. Their Tentacle is presented by Junkyard.com and includes some sick riding by Viktor Wiberg, Erik Karlsson, Rolf Nylinder, Hans Åhlund, Jocke Rasmussen, Chris Sörman, Zebbe Landmark, Kalle Ohlsson, Eric Johansson, Jonte Lindhe, Leo Crawford, Nisse Arvidsson, Kevin Bäckström, Ludde Lejkner, Klas Beyer, Niklas Mattson, Fredrik Perry, Philip Grund, Tove Holmgren, Felix Engström, Viktor Björnström, Anton Bilare, The Gun Rack Pack (Joel Andersson, Matte Lestage, Blayze Bramwell, Jonte Gadelius, Noa Gadelius) and a few more. If you followed us in these last couple of weeks, you shoudl definitely have seen some footy by at least the half of these dudes up there and know that they shred everything to the fullest. Crack open a cold one, get your shred buds over and enjoy this uber rad 35 min.-long shred movie.

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