rockOn Snowboarding – Night of the Bird Trailer

rockOn Snowboarding – Night of the Bird Trailer

The only thing we got to see really this year of the rockOn dudes, was basically the entire Nike Chosen video contest hype, which they took back home and won with one rad edit their man Lukas Tielke pulled off. Besides two more team news, announcing new riders and a movie title, that was it basically. Now there is this trailer dropping many people have waited for after have gotten a solid jibbish team movie last year, which was pretty metal. And now we get this. Some might love it, due to the typical fun these dudes have got together, when hanging out. Others will be more like ..“ah, okay“. Almost three minutes of Acid x trippers x booze – entertainment at Mushroom Mountain or something. We still though expect some solid team movie to drop in fall so watch out for Night of the Bird featuring riding by Dani Rajcsanyi, Wessel van Lierop, Philipp Ramhofer, Michael Miethig, Marlon Boeger, Philipp Schuster, David Struber, Boris Bühler and friends.

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