Will Smith 11-12 Season Recap

Will Smith 11-12 Season Recap

Young Scottish ripper Will Smith enjoyed his last season pretty much, setting a new milestone for his career and life, since he moved to Zillertal, Austria and learned how to shape a park properly over there. He got pushed hard and you clearly see that his riding and tricks got way more steezy and clean since last season. Enjoy his season recap right here and get aware of that this dude is from Scotland; that Scotland where some of their men wear these skirts that aren’t skirts, but kilts and everything. A Scott! Thumbs up Will!

P.S.: Before anybody of you people does the same mistake we just did, be aware of the fact that we got three Will Smithes now. One is the mega million super star from West Philly who moved to L.A. and flash-things you when you get korny. The other one is Grindhouse rider Will Smith from Leeds and the last and third one is the Will Smith featured right here from Scotland.


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