Snowboard Canada – Glimpse TEASER

Snowboard Canada - Glimpse TEASER

Some are happy to get to watch more and more teasers in times of „poking“ each other on social media’s bullshit and video platforms. Other’s complain that certain snowboarding communities would have been left without a solid place to present their shredding. We don’t get that claim either really, but fact is that this is here is one sick ass teaser. Glimpse will come out in this year’s fall and looks to be a hell of a shred flick with best big mountain extravaganza like we haven’t seen in a while including Beau Bishop, Brendan Keenan, Matt Belzile, Jody Wachniak, Shaun Mckay, Trevan Salmon, Dave Short, Jesmond Dubeau, Shayne Pospisil, Andrew Burns, Rusty Ockenden, Chris Rasman, Tanner Davidson and friends. So sick.


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