‚The Perisher Press‘ Teaser

‘The Perisher Press’ Teaser

The core readers (if there is any as such already here..) do know about Perisher Blue resort probably, or are familiar at least with that name. Perisher like the locals call it, is one of the few spots in Australia (yeah, they snowboard down there too..), where the local snowboard scene celebrates its growth and progression and kids ripp it on snow instead on waves. Our friends down from Boardworld present their up coming web series called the Perisher Press, a new series from down under feat. Nic Harvey, Troy Sturrock, Cohen Davies, Rich Jonas, Andy Lloyd, Louis Macindoe, Mitch Ayers and more local young guns, bringing some more Aussie shred to you up here, reminding us that there is more than a Bonezone etc.. Enjoy the teaser and stay tuned for that series to drop soon.

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