Timeline feat. Xavier de la Rue | ep. #6

Timeline feat. de la Rue | ep. #6

|the Italian Job|

Xavier de la Rue. French freerider. Close friend to Jeremy Jones. Exceptional snowboarder. The first thought, when you have seen anything of his riding is probably just: Wow. In episode #6 of the Swatch Timeline series, Xavier is up in the Dolomites, in North Italy chasing some deep powder and enjoying incredible runs. It is a special and not such a common way to go snowboarding for most of us: While others are used to go beside of the slopes, to get some backcountry action (after getting up to the mountain by cable car), Xavier prefers climbing. He sees lines in walls, most people don’t. Probably because they are too dangerous for the average and most people would call it insane and irresponsible, but there is always a difference between being irresponsible and knowing your limits, but pushing them till a measurable point. Xavier de la Rue hikes and climbs steep walls and wants to get a feeling for the mountain. He wants to get the energy and appreciate the whole ride. Wants to know where he is getting down later. Enjoy another eipsode and incredible footage of the probably most amazing freerider we have seen. As Xavier said: „Molto stretto, molto retto: Molto buono!“

See the vid here.

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