Triecienspeks „Bez T Filma“ – Latvian short

Triecienspeks “Bez T Filma” – Latvian short

Since a few years there is more and more snowboarding coming out of some unexpected locations. We got snowboard crews even in „down under“ think about that. But we’re talking here now more about the East Euro section here. Russian crews, Croatian, Polish crews, everything. Urban shredding gave many kids in many countries the chance to start shredding on the streets, when not having real mountains or ski resorts at all. Due to political and social development, certain regions of our planet got later access to certain things. Their time is NOW when these kids just basically start building up their local snowboarding scene in their respective countries, being snowboarding’s pioneers somehow on a new mission ..trying to encourage others to do likewise.

This is now a Letvian crew, which dropped their 2012 short flick. The Triecienspeks bunch presents their „Bez T Filma“ movie, which includes riding by Kaspars Groza, Voldemārs Siliņš, Kristians Muižnieks, Toms Petrušēvics, Gusts Kimonts, Valters Ošnieks, Raitis Helmanis, Kristaps Kleinbergs, Kristaps Dzenis and more and we got to say: Some other Euro crew could definitely step it up, when seeing these dudes ripping on certain kinks in this.


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