VegHead Productions – Hardly Winter Treaser

VegHead Productions – Hardly Winter Treaser

The Canadian dudes of the VegHead are back this year and return to do their own house movie project after having released that joint-motion with Dialogue last year, called Neck of the Woods (which you definitely should check out here e.g.). Their 4th movie coming out this year is called „Hardly Winter“ and if you’re wondering now why they complain in Canada about the season, you’d be surprised that these Ontario fellas indeed had a shitty season, and were forced to go over to Quebec to shoot pretty much the whole thing there.

Hardly Winter will be released as a free download in this year’s June already so watch out for that flick to drop very soon and check out meanwhile that footage here below including the usual suspects like Ben Poechman, Mark Goodall, Chris Fellner, Gordon Birnie and some friends and get stoked on it.

VegHead’s Hardly Winter Trailer

VegHead’s (real) Hardly Winter Teaser aka Hardly Leaking

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