ViaMontana & Ragamuffins – Say What?! Trailer

ViaMontana & Ragamuffins – Say What?! Trailer

ViaMontana and Ragamuffins is a German collective presenting you here their 2012 movie teaser, called „Say What?!“ and will be dropping in September as a free-download-movie for you people. Urban riding and good skills on the cut this bunch has got. Say What?! features riding by Philipp Müller, Ruben Kühr, Fabian Degenhart, Hans Rehberger, Christoph Krieger, Peter Ohlemüller, Robin Witte, Alex Kempe, Jonas Krämer, Vasco Kühr, Olli Schade, Bastian Hasslinger, Tristan Fiedler, Max Langer, Bruno Riemenschneider and Henning Rabe.

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