The White Line Triple Teaser Package

The White Line Triple Teaser Package

When looking at all this mass of crews that pop out every year again and release their full length features in fall, also one special sort of snowboard movies in particular happen to appear more often: Documentaries and adventure snowboarding. The guys behind the White Line project have gotten a little bit sick on all the big shots and uber bangers in nowadays snowboard movies and decided to make something ‚more real‘ as they’d probably say. A film with heart, focusing on the real joy and fun of snowboarding with your friends, but also contrasting that whole passion with the serious sides of the sport when being out there and facing certain risks, like getting buried maybe in an avalanche. Enjoy these three cool teasers and watch out for this film to drop soon, that features mainly riding by Jake Cornish and  Antoine Blaizeau, Mathieu Blanc and Damien Chatel.

THE WHITE LINE Official Trailer #1: The Story

THE WHITE LINE Official Trailer #2: Buddies

THE WHITE LINE Official Trailer #3: Originality

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