Windells 2013 – Session #1

Windells 2013 - Session #1

The Spring edits are totally over now and if it’s not some season edit or film teaser that pops out it definitely is a camp edit – summer is on! Check out the first footy coming from Mt. Hood, making the start with the heads from Windells including in this one here good ass summer shredding by Justin Fronius, Cody Lee, Steph Sue Feld, Everest Arnold, Paul Gilbert, Dan Wells, Derrek Lever, Peter Linberg, Jeremy Estorga, Forest Bailey, Alex Stathis, Jared Jordan, Jordan Small, Jesse Paul, Dan Spooner, Austin Leonard, Tucker Speer, Dylan Thompson, Sage Kotsenberg, Riley Nickerson and a bunch of campers bien sûre. Voilá!

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