YouGoFirst – One Wave or Another FULL FILM

YouGoFirst - One Wave or Another FULL FILM HEADER

And here goes the next full free online film in line, that we totally recommend you to watch. The You Go First collective (formerly Yu-Go First), presents with all pride their first ever real budget snowboard film. The premieres went already down and we also hooked up with the two men behind the show –Matic Zavodnik and Vid Baric– to talk about their season, the relatively new crew, the new film and what the next seasons will bring, that you can check out here again, if you missed it. One Wave or Another is another step forward for these guys, as they’re connecting with more and more heads ’n crews, year by year and progress straight in terms of film making, trick level and everything. Enjoy now 30 minutes of rad Euro shredding with heart and steeze by Andrej Marinčič, Matic Zavodnik, Žiga Rakovec, Georg Obermeissner, Žiga Erlač, Mitja Kodrič, Vid Barić, Dejan Hodžić, Nejc Pucko, Nejc Ferjan, Erik Harc, Ana Rumiha and friends. BOUYAH!

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