YOUGOFIRST Teamvideo #1 – Dachstein

YOUGOFIRST Teamvideo #1 – Dachstein

Our homies from Yu-Go First want to step it up and go bigger and further. For that the guys went global now and changed a few things among their lines. Since there always were some of their headz riding more frequently than others, but at the same time of those who rode and filmed more, also their network grew pretty quick, the guys thought to change some stuff as for example their name. Since they’re not Yugos only riding anymore the new collective will be known as YouGoFirst, for which the guys shot already a first edit at Dachstein back in November (..soooo 2012, hu?) including steezy easy laps by Andrej Marinčič, Vid Barić, Georg Obermeissner, Dejan Hodžić, Žiga Erlač, Nejc Pucko, Ana Rumiha, Erik Harc, Matic Zavodnik and Žiga Rakovec. Stay tuned for more soon!



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