Yu-Go First Trailer

Yu-Go First Trailer

The Yu-Go First bunch is one bad-ass working snowboard crew of good East-Euro shred headz. Since we follow them more or less since day #1 and really got plenty of love for these dudes, we hooked up for their up coming first full length movie project, that goes by the same crew name. Yu-Go First is a snowboard video project gathering relevant riders from ex-Yugoslavian countries and being filmed in this 11-12 season. The full flick will be available in January 2013, after premiering on a tour around cities in their region. Yu-Go First features riding by Vid Barić, Žiga Rakovec, Aljoša Krivec, Dejan Hodžić, Nejc Pucko, Žiga Erlač, Mitja Kodrič, Erik Harc, Peter Podlogar, Luka Podlogar, Palermo, Matic Zavodnik, Marko Grilc, Ana Rumiha, Urška Pribošić, Matevž Pristavec, Andrej Marinčić, Luka Jeromel and friends and will be for sure THE full length shred flick popping out from Eastern Europe this year.

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