LSD Vision – Eshkermene! Teaser

LSD Vision – Eshkermene! Teaser

The Russian dudes of LSD Vision aren’t into drugs or other weird stuff as far as we know, but they’re definitely into good snowboarding and spending rad times with their homies, ripping the urban scene. This is their 2012 movie teaser (yes, they’re still dropping as you can see, believe it..), called Eshkerme!, what not even Google could translate for us but who cares. Eshkerme! clearly belongs to the more artsy looking flicks we will get to see this season and coming from Mother Russia makes it even more interesting. We’re looking forward to it ..enjoy the teaser that includes Russian Vodka skills by Anton Tikhonov, Dmitriy Koltsov, Nikolay Erohin, Yaroslav Rodionov, Anton Borodachev and Aleksey Sobolev.

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