Burton’s Bag Check

Burton's Bag Check

Everybody knows that situation. You want to get a new travel bag, or just simply a new pack to go shred and there’s just too many on the web stores, that you even turn mad on not being able to chose one. Burton helps. The „Bag Check“ sorts out the packs, you could possibly want to buy, after giving it quickly the purpose for what you need it, if there should be speakers integrated or not, how big it should be and more ..and voilá: there is your bag! Long seshs in front of your screen are history! Check it out here.

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  1. […] a bit of buzz – with the fun interface being talked about on PopMag (where I saw it), NotCot, Shred On Magazine, YoBeat, and a new go-to site for me: Carryology. via PopMag Burton "Bag […]


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