introducing Almo Film ‚Mille Bornes‘

introducing Almo Film 'Mille Bornes' - ALMO HEADER

While we could see more and more crews popping out throughout the last years and get tons of new edits daily on the web from crews all over the globe, it became a bit quiet around the French territory. The dudes of Almo Film want to change that and when looking at their riding and whole presentation, they’re doing it just fine. Almo is a new French production pulled off by Morgan Le Faucheur and Alban Jehlen with a cool concept for their first project: „A snowboard film on tour“. Basically it is episodes dropping, featuring their single stops they did while touring through France in that insane bus they got from Monster, teasing you a bit with that sort of podcast, before all that footage gets smashed together into a final movie including more unseen extra footage of course, which you don’t know from the tour edits.

introducing Almo Film 'Mille Bornes' podcats

The posse includes Sylvain Bourbousson, Yrwan Garcia Leal, Ugo Marechal, Frederic Couderc, Victor Daviet, Pierre Rué and Morgan Le Faucheur, coming from the French Salomon / Bonfire squad and are the ones who bring this project to life. The dudes have a good finger on the cut and clearly know what they’re doing. Legit and serious riding meet fun party bloopers and other action/lifestyle shots, which rounds the whole thing off really. A bit of Isen stylez you could say, ..real and without faking around. The first movie project is called Mille Bornes, which will be coming out in September this year and of which we put you here all three podcast eps of their tour stops.

Please check out as well their Almo Facebook to show some love and become a fan to support these dudes. Besides, ..a snowboard bunch which gets shoutouts by hottie French porn stars definitely should be worth to support, hu?

Mille Bornes : ON TOUR Km 350 1st Stop Méribel

Mille Bornes : ON TOUR Km 500 2nd and 3rd Stop Val d’Isere/7Laux

Mille Bornes : Last Stops of the TOUR Km 750, Isola 2000 and Vars

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