Living Legends: Martin Gallant

Living Legends: Martin Gallant

Enjoy another historical character of snowboarding’s history in this latest Living Legends feature: Martin Gallant.

[words by Pete Anderson]

„Martin Gallant goes by the nickname „The Godfather“. There is speculation as to whether this moniker was self-proclaimed, or given to him by the French Canadian snowboarders that he has paved the way for over the years. Gallant’s age, as he puts it, „is classified information.“ What we do know is that he was amongst the first wave of snowboarders to pioneer the journey from Quebec to Whistler, BC in and around 1990. As far back as he, or anyone else can remember, Martin has marched to the beat of his own rhythm section, and he couldn’t care less what others think about it. He does what he has to do to stay true to himself and get as much time on his snowboard as possible.“


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