Rip Curl welcomes Martin Mikyska

Rip Curl welcomes Martin Mikyska - sending it

The Rip Curl team is proud to announce their latest addition to their family, with the 18-year old Czech young gun Martin Mikyska from Prague. Martin is one of the East Euro upcomers and will be ripping together with the rest of the European team, including Victor de Le Rue, Nils Arvidsson, Janne Lipsanen and Elias Elhardt among others. 

\\ ITW Quikie: Rip Curl welcomes Martin Mikyska

  • A trick: Switch BS 540 
  • A hobby: Ruining collective photos 
  • A movie: Fight club 
  • A song: Johnny Cash – Personal Jesus 
  • A mentor: Tyler Durden 

\\ True/False: 

  • I love junk food: Very true! 
  • I’ve already cheated in exams: Who hasn’t? 
  • I used to be a ski racer: False 
  • I had my driving licence first try: True, 50 points out of 50! Yeah! 
  • I got laid in a plane: Does a helicopter count? 
\\ High 5 Dude: 

5 things nobody knows 

I play guitar.

I can be really awkward when dancing. 

I am awesome in Math. 

I used to do gymnastics. 

It took me three hours to write this. 

5 lifetime moments to be remembered 

When I lost a bet and had to act like a dog in a supermarket. 

Dachstein party (crazy as f**k). 

Motorcycle road trip with my dad. 

First time surfing in France. 

My first backside 540.

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