ShredOn Mag x Niche Snowboards

ShredOn Mag x Niche Snowboards

As you can see things really get rolling here in these last couple of weeks. We are proud to let you know, that we’re teaming up with the guys over at Niche Snowboards! „Over“ in that case, means over the pond due to being based in Salt Lake City. We brought to you some news already about these rad dudes here when they released their company and started firing at the snowboarding game. What makes Niche so special is that they use eco friendly board technologies and really care about environment throughout their whole production process. No hippi bullshit talking, but serious stuff they have going on. Ditched fibreglas and sustainable tree cutting, so that a new tree gets plant for each one that got cut off and more cool stuff. Green enough?

ShredOn Mag clearly backs this eco standpoint up and we’re super stoked to team up with Niche, ensuring you to be here right  from now on, in order to get the latest from Niche at ShredOn Mag when dropping.

Check them out and spread the word about these guys!

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