Now Snowboarding backing Yes Team

Now Snowboarding backing Yes Team

A few weeks back we dropped here an edit featuring Yes rider David Carrier Porcheron aka DCP, giving you the news that he’s back on snow again after his little bummer at the Supernatural contest. What you also could see in this video, was DCP strapping into a Now binding (Now Snowboarding bindings is a brand new binding brand, that features a new technology, providing highback-less riding with better cushion and power translation), what made us quite curious since he has signed with Northwave/Drake, when Yes got launched. We dig deeper, wanted to know what’s the deal there and hooked up with the man behind Now Snowboarding, Wildcats legend JF Pelchat, who confirmed us our thoughts:

„Indeed, DCP has been riding the binding  for a season now. Now is sponsoring „Yes it’s a movie too“ (which is the prequel of last year’s Yes team movie) and the Yes team itself, so the binding is available to them if they chose to ride them. Romain (de Marchi) rode them all year as well, so is JP (Solberg) and Hellen (Schettini)“ JF said.

For more info on this rad new binding system check out this post right here, in which Mr Pechat explains to you how his babies actually work.

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