Spy+DCP+YES on an eco-mission

Spy+DCP+YES on an eco-mission

There are more environmental issues out there, than there is sand on a god damn beach probably and still most of us don’t give a damn. Well, as cool as we are among action sports, there is each time more and more outstanding brands who DO CARE. Pros who try to build up brands, which relay on more eco-friendly production ..etc. Here comes another one: DCP teamed up with Spy and Yes to produce this green goggle, which is rather known at Spy’s as the Zed Snow Goggle. Renewable ressources and all you want to keep your green conscience clean and calm. The Zed comes with a extra free lens and features Spy’s SCOOP® ventilation system to avoid fogging, anti-scratch protection of course and all the usual features, which you expect on a pro snow goggle for which you pay $ US 109,- for.

The goggle keeps me 100% confident,” says DCP. “It keeps me confident on the slopes with insane reliability and lens clarity. It also keeps me confident in the health of our planet, erasing our carbon footprint one step at a time.”

Check out the goggle, here!

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