2012 World Snowboard Day

2012 World Snowboard Day

The Christians have Christmas, women have one, children and all sorts of other collectives do have one and so do we snowboarders! The annual World Snowboard Day, is your personal obligation to go out and shred or participate in anything that is somehow related to snowboarding. Sunday, December 30th is the day on which media partners, resort companies, brands, crews and everybody who’s involved in snowboarding, is stoked to be part of this as one common family. Product testings, overall events, competitions and more stuff is to be found on our day worldwide on the resorts. In case you haven’t heard of the World Snowboarding Day before, shame on you ..so check out the official website, or hit up your local boardshop or resort website, to find out what’s going on near your spots and be proud being a snowboarder!

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