9th annual Grenade Games at Mammoth

9th annual Grenade Games at Mammoth

With the end of the season there does not only approach some camp feeling, that will keep us shreddy throughout the summer with these edits, but also the season ender events such as the annual Grenade Games by Danny Kass and The Dingo, that go this year into round #9 at Mammoth from April 27t-28th next week.. Party the shit out of Mammoth, enjoy rad times shredding, plus a free live show by NOFX? What is not to like..

Mission Grenade Games 9 seeks to radically advance snowboarding and partying (nothing else really matters, does it?) in and around Mammoth Lakes, California to the absolute benefit of nobody or anything. Mission control dictates we, and anybody associated or within screaming distance of us, shred, party our brains out and get WAY out of this world.“

„Finding yourself going up so high, without even strapping on your bindings, is a supernatural sensation,“ philosophizes the universally admired loose screw known as The Dingo. „Shit, man, reaching for the stars is just great, but it really all comes down to living large, laughing in the face of death and shredding and partying. Yeah, it’s a mission — a mission extremely out of control!“

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