ASP World Surfer Award

Kelly Slater on ASP World Surfing Awards

The Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre welcomed the world’s best surfers last Thursday (February 24th), for the ASP World Surfing Awards. The best surfers have walked on the blue carpet, attending to one of the best nights of the season, not being at the beach for once.

Kelly Slater accepted his history-making (!!) 10th ASP World Title with grace and humility and gave a very touching speech. Slater dedicated his 2010 ASP Title to former rival and personal friend, Andy Irons, who did pass away last November (read article here).

Only 23 year-old Stephanie Gilmore, made history as well that night, with her fourth consecutive ASP Women’s World Title. Gilmore gave note to her recent sponsorship change from long time supporter Rip Curl, to Quiksilver. See the video of the ASP World Surfer Awards here.

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